We may be stuck indoors

 In Enrichment

We may be stuck indoors until the weather gets warmer but we know how to make the most of it! Our Life Enrichment staff created this new and unique style of the game Hungry Hippo. We learned rather quickly that our elders are very competitive and rose to the challenge of trying to win! Silly string brings out kid in everyone. There were so many cans of silly sting accompanied by many many laughs and smiles. Our elders had tons of fun aiming and covering anyone in the line of fire. This was just another day of fun and games at The Ohio Eastern Star Home!

Nursing home residents play a fun and silly game with pool noodles, plastic balls, and laundry baskets while stuck indoors during COVID-19.

Grandpa holds a can of silly string after spraying himself all over with it.

Woman with papers in hand covers her face while getting hit with silly string.

Old man indoors with a pool noodle in one hand raises his other fist in victory