The Ohio Eastern Star Home 5th Annual Groundhog Day Celebration!

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Welcome to the Ohio Eastern Star Home 5th Groundhog Day Celebration! Please welcome our Groundhog club! 

Tootsie, the cousin once removed of Punxsutawney Phil, will come out of her den and either see her shadow or see no shadow. It’s been a long winter so far with all the quarantine and curfews, so let’s hope for no shadow! Just for fun, let’s see what all of you think will happen when she comes out of her den. Hold your votes up high for either Shadow or No Shadow!  

A room full of masked elderly people — many in walkers — gathered and sitting facing one direction.

No resident can forget the festivities from last year’s Groundhog Day at OESH! So with fingers crossed, and signs held high, we willed Tootsie to give us some good news about an early spring — just like she did the last time we saw her.

With a little chant of Tootsie! Tootsie! Tootsie! we were able to encourage Tootsie to find her way out of her den, and then the announcement came.  


A papier-mâché groundhog home in front of a white poster board cutout of a groundhog holding a sign that reads, "I Predict." The groundhog is surrounded by cards that say "Shadow" and "No Shadow."

Tootsie’s Big Groundhog Day Announcement

Dear OES Home attendees and Groundhog Club members, today, February 2, 2021 at The OES Home, Tootsie, the cousin once removed of Punxsutawney Phil awoke to the chants of the crowd. After casting an eye to the joyous crowd gathered, Tootsie proclaimed that she did NOT see her shadow. This means Spring is just around the corner!  

It won’t be long, and we will see little signs of Spring here and there. First, the day will get longer with more and more daylight. Then we can look forward to a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures. A few flowers will show themselves as they sprout up through what was once frozen dirt. Our layers and  layers of warm winter clothing will become a thing of the past as we show off our spring wardrobe and hunt for Easter Eggs! What a wonderful spring season it will be.