Staff Chili Cook Off

 In Enrichment

Nine entries! Doctor Wilson, aka Judge Wilson took the tasting just as serious as his medical profession, tasting 9 different chili recipes containing ingredients like peanut butter, white beans and some secret ingredients never to be shared by the chef. We did have a winner after lots of tasting and some chilies got a second taste. Judge Wilson chose the winner of the 1st Annual Chili Cook to be Mike Harmer’s chili. Mike is our Director of Environmental Services and makes an awesome chili. Second place winner was Chef Arys’ of the Glenn A. Gallagher Center for Special Events that take place in the Gallagher Center and 3rd place went to the Neighborhood of Iris.

Nursing home residents, a table with crockpots of chili, and a man in corduroy pants and a long sleeve shirt.

Nursing home residents sitting in front of a table of different chilis in crockpots.

Medical person with yellow and black stethoscope around his neck eating some chili.