Senior Slip and Slide: An OESH Tradition

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The senior slip and slide has become a tradition here at OES Home. All the laughter and smiles below tell the story of a fun afternoon that has led to so many more of its kind.

Building a senior slip-n-slide to embrace that hot summer weather being such a hit, it was clear that we were on to something! Several of our seniors went more than once while others laughed and watched — helping with the countdown.

Forget “thinking outside the box” — we threw the box away this week!

The OESH Senior Slip-n-Slide

Woman laughing on an inner tube slip-n-slide as folks watch from the grass.

Elderly redhead woman screaming on a slip-n-slide inner tube.

Red-haired woman with glasses throwing her head back in laughter.Want to see more? Check out the 2020 slip-n-slide!!!