A beautiful, private and comfortable suite set apart from the nursing home area so you can concentrate on healing and your return to home.


Private Suite

Approximately 250 Square Feet

The Moreland-Hughes Rehab Suites provide the perfect environment for those in need of short-term rehabilitation. From the moment you enter the Moreland-Hughes Rehabilitation Center until you return home our experienced  staff members are here to meet all your rehab goals and needs.

Jintronix – Virtual Rehab

The Moreland-Hughes Rehabilitation  Center is the first in the state to use the groundbreaking technology Jintronix!

  • Each guest/patient can choose from a variety of functional and fun virtual activities
  • Therapists can get instant visual feedback results to help patients set day-to-day personal goals
  • Obtaining detailed data allows patients to improve strength, balance, and range of motion
  • Reports can be shared with doctors about how their patients are improving
  • Makes therapy FUN!

Lite Gait

LiteGait has forever altered gait therapy techniques, as well as expectations of outcome. It creates an ideal environment for treating patients with a wide range of impairments and functional levels and also allows the clinician to manually assist the legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns.

  • Helps to work on posture, balance, and standing
  • Inspires confidence to walk
  • Maintain patients in a secure, upright position, reducing fall risk
  • Therapists can lift and train patients hands free and skillfully, reducing fear of losing balance and/or falling
  • Perform training on or off a treadmill, giving patients a safe therapy environment

Ultrasound E-Stim

The Solaris Plus is an E-Stim and Ultrasound combo unit that is used to deliver pain management techniques on all different locations of the human body.

  • Reduce pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Increases flexibility of tendon and joint capsules
  • Multiple patients can participate, building community

Rehab Guests Enjoy

  • Private Studio Suite with Private Full Bath

  • A Personalized Plan For Your Recovery

  • Nursing Care 

  • Pet Friendly Environment

  • Coordination of Medical Appointments

  • Television with Cable Service

  • Wireless Internet Service

  • Tobacco Free Campus

Blue Sky has been providing excellent therapy service with The Ohio Eastern Star Home for over a decade! We help to keep The Ohio Eastern Star’s outcomes above the national average.

Our Mission:

To maintain the highest level of patient-driven quality care at all times with uncompromised integrity and excellence with a team of dedicated professionals who are values and empowered to perform at the highest levels.