Our Top 6 Senior Activities

 In Enrichment

It will come as no surprise that our elders here at The Ohio Eastern Star Home have been busy. We have one lively campus! It seems like there’s always something going on. And as the weather starts to warm, our options for senior activities open up. We can’t wait! With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of our favorite senior activities to spark some ideas for anyone in need of them. Of course, there’s no shortage of great ones out there. This list is really just the beginning. But I will say, we have some preeeeeetty unique activities for seniors, including one that you may not have heard of anywhere else.

5 of Our Favorite Activities For Seniors

…and 1 Bonus Senior Activity For the Brave!!!

Playing With Animals

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of pet therapy for the elderly (and really for human beings regardless of age, right??). Dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, goats, frogs, pigs… we’ve had ’em all here on campus either full-time or as visiting animals. The more the merrier!

Art Classes

This has been a pretty popular senior activity around here lately. From learning about painting on canvas to painting gorgeous Northern Lights art, being creative with colors makes its way into a lot of activities for seniors here at OESH.

An elderly woman paints a lovely forest with blues, greens, and yellows.

Of all the activities for seniors at OESH, painting has been a particularly popular choice lately.

Day Trips

With COVID-19, it’s been a very “inside” year for us. However, in normal times and when it’s safe, our elders love taking the OESH bus to all sorts of fun spots around Knox County. Thankfully, we managed to get out to Apple Valley Lake last year and share some good ‘ol summer laughter. When it comes to senior activities, you certainly don’t have to stick to the same old spots!

Goofy Games

It may just be us (I kind of doubt it), but sometimes we like to get downright goofy. Take our life-size game of Hungry, Hungry Hippo last year, for instance! Life’s a blast, and we can really do ourselves a disservice as human beings when we take everything too seriously. Well… that’s never been much of a problem on our campus.

Listening to Live Music

There’s nothing like music to wake up our hearts and minds. Something about live music especially seems to have a wonderful, communal effect when you experience it with folks you love. Kim Weitkamp’s benefit concert for the OESH dog park was an absolute treat to see. You should see how intent our elders were to hear her music and jokes, and we all just loved getting to spend an evening at the beautiful Woodward Opera House to boot!

Packed concert hall in full attendance.

Our elders listening to Kim Weitkamp play at the Woodward Opera House.

Bonus Senior Activity: Slip-N-Slide

We’re coming up on the third annual senior slip-n-slide day and the excitement is in the air! As for as senior activities go, you may be thinking to yourself… a slip-n-slide?!? For seniors?!? That’s right! We’ve modified the activity for ultimate fun and safety.

Our elders absolutely love this annual event, and we have the slip-n-slide day videos to prove it!

Elderly man in OSU apparel on a slip-n-slide inner-tube with a fist raised for this awesome senior activity.

Not a lot of boring activities for seniors around here!

Questions About Senior Activities?

If you have any questions about senior activities or senior living in general, we’re always happy to help. Please give us a call and let us know how we can be of service to you.