Northern Lights

 In Enrichment

Ahhhhh, the beauty of a painting. Sometimes there’s nothing better than letting your inner talent surface and be shared with the world around you! We have proven even virtual painting lessons can be successful and fulfilling. We gathered our painting supplies and were given instructions virtually to create a beautiful Northern Lights painting.


Starting with a blank canvas and adding the colors of yellow and blue after learning the technique of blending, we created a natural looking background for our paintings. With a swish of the brush filled with black paint, each artist’s canvas began to take on a life of its own as the pine trees began to appear.  

“Who knew pine trees could be so difficult to paint?” Do I swish up or down for the branches?” “These don’t look like pine trees!” The comments from the artists kept the class lighthearted and fun. The final touch was the flick of the brush using white paint that created many, many stars in the sky. Then, just  like magic, the northern lights appeared on each and every artist’s canvas! 

Painting was so much fun that we are making plans to add this to our monthly calendar! Experienced, inexperienced, or just curious about the possibilities… this is an activity that anyone can do. Several of our elders found out they do have some talent using a paintbrush and paint… enough that they are proudly displaying their northern lights works of art.