Bringing Out Our Inner Artists: Learning How to Paint On Canvas

 In Enrichment

Aside from all this wonderful summer weather as of late, there’s been another ray of sunshine on our campus… painting class! Watching our elders awaken their inner artists and release all that creativity has been an absolute joy. 

Painting For Seniors: Learning How to Paint on Canvas

After the success of our Northern Lights painting day back in January, we figured, what better way to come together than by hosting a virtual canvas painting class? Our elders expressed themselves so authentically during the inspiring, relaxing, and entertaining art class led by our Life Enrichment Team. While receiving one-on-one instructions in small groups with family members and friends through Zoom (yay!), the classes allowed all of us to nurture our creative sides!

A woman with white hair and glasses shows how to paint on canvas.

Learning how to paint is a blast!

As an added benefit to hosting painting classes, art therapy can be as beneficial to our health as it is enjoyable! The benefits of art therapy for seniors range from the mental to the physical. That’s one of the reasons we love giving our seniors and staff (because we definitely join in too) plenty of opportunities to paint and create throughout the year. And now that we know how to paint on canvas, the world is our oyster for future events!

For our first virtual painting class, the Life Enrichment Team offered great guidance in teaching us how to paint on canvas — all through Zoom! Those family members and elders who participated each brought in the Spring Season with a vibrant sunflower painting! 

And after the sunflower painting class was such a hit, well… we held another virtual painting class for our seniors! This time we had even more family and friends tune in by way of Zoom. For this class, we expressed our creativity by painting an impressive mountain view.

Many of our elders really proved to be artists at heart as they painted a glorious moon rising above some mountain peaks. Completing the painting with a mirrored image of the mountains at the bottom of the page, everyone was pretty pleased with their work! More importantly, they were able to share this experience with their loved ones virtually on a large projector screen!

So yeah, all that to say: painting is definitely at the top of our senior activities list this summer.