Veteran’s Day

 In Enrichment

What an honor and privilege to share this day with our Veterans here at OESHome. The program opened with the OES Home Choir singing and all attending recited the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star-Spangled Banner. The Armed Force Melody was played followed by TAPS and a Moment of Silence to reflect and remember. Our Medical Director Dr. Wilson MAJ, MC, USA and SRA Garcia presented all of our Veterans with pins and certificates honoring them and their service to our country. There were tears and smiles along with handshakes of appreciation and support. Dallas Waggle of Kindred-Hospice closed the program with God Bless America and a prayer.  Thank you Kindred-Hospice for sponsoring this event.

Kindred Hospice Certificate for US Air Force Veteran, Dana Harper.

A woman with short blond hair fastening a button to a man's lapel in front of an America flag.

Two men shaking hands in front of an American flag.

Two young men honor a elderly Veteran in a blue and red striped short sleeve shirt with a certificate and pin.

Honoring six of our US war veterans in a photo.

Two young men honor a man in a wheelchair with a certificate and pin.

A young male soldier in camo honors a US veteran in a World War cap with a pin by his collar.

Shaking hands with a US veteran in a wheelchair.

A middle-aged man placing a pin on the camouflage fatigues of a young male soldier.