Our Hard Work was SO Worth it!

 In Enrichment

We found out our baking and cooking skills are absolutely amazing, from the flaky pie crust to the tender turkey our meal was a very delicious one. The first day we conquered pie making, mixing, rolling and filling 12 pie pans with ingredient for Pumpkin and Pecan pies. The second day we made all our side dishes, our menu consists of REAL mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, jello salad, turkey, dressing, ham and gravy of course! The third day we sat back and enjoyed our homemade feast and each other’s company.  We all gathered for a Prayer of Thanks and then we shared what we are thankful for, many said this meal and the friends they have made at OESHome. Most everyone finished everything on their plates and a few had seconds. All this was followed by the traditional Thanksgiving nap!

We are not quite ready to launch a catering business but now we know cooking and baking is back in big way here at OESHome.

A young woman pouring pure pumpkin into a bowl for an elderly woman to stir.

Pecan and pumpkin pie slices on red plates with fall leaves on the table.

A sweet elderly woman puts her hand to her heart while speaking into a microphone someone is holding to her mouth.

Nursing home residents sitting on one side of a long rectangular table.

Senior citizen in a hairnet stirring mashed pumpkin with a whisk.

Senior citizens make pies at a table.

Woman in a hairnet baking with batter.

Older woman measuring cinnamon with a teaspoon.

Male senior citizen in a blue collared shirt with a full plate of Thanksgiving food.

Three sets of hands kneading cornbread.

Food line with stations for chicken, stuffing, ham, and more.

Silver-haired woman with red vest and a plate of Thanksgiving food.