Elvis is in the House!

 In Enrichment

January’s birthday celebration started off with us being “All shook Up” by Elvis. He rocked the house with some of our favorite songs and adorned the ladies with his bright red scarves. Tapping our toes and clapping our hands wasn’t enough for some of us, so dancing did happen! If you missed this special celebration watch our calendar of events for the next Elvis show, he’ll be back wearing his Blue Suede shoes and lighting up the many faces who love his music AND his moves.

Elvis impersonator and woman in red scarf and wheelchair hugging.

Elvis impersonator in blue, sequined jumpsuit adjusts a red scarf for a woman in a wheelchair.

Elvis impersonator in blue jumpsuit with microphone and gold sunglasses.

Elvis impersonator in blue jumpsuit holds mic up and talks to an elderly woman with poofy red hair.