Life Enrichment
Operating Fund
Benevolence Fund
Life Enrichment
Operating Fund
Benevolence Fund


Bellman’s Cart
Available for Elders Moving In or Around the Campus
Bladder Scanner
Used by Nurses to Monitor Bladder Efficiency
Chair for Guests
Comfortably and attractively accommodates Guests in Common Areas
COWS Equipment
Computers On WheelS laptops; Used to chart nurses’ notes and medication administration
Double Deck Full Size Electric Convection Oven
Double Deck, Full Size, Electric Efficient Meal Preparation
Emergency Paging Speaker
Placed in hallways without phones; Used to announce Fire, Elopement and other emergencies
Flarts Game Set
Indoor-Outdoor inflatable floor darts for Elders, Grandchildren and Families
Instant Photo Printer
Connects with Phone to produce photos to share with Elders and their Families
iPad Mini
Used by STNAs to chart all Activities of Daily Living of Elders
Jumbo 4-to-Score Game
Indoor-Outdoor fun for Elders, Grandchildren and Families
Kick / Throw Darts Game
Giant 7’x6’ inflatable dart board with four balls that stick to the board; sturdy 12-guage vinyl for indoor-outdoor use
Life Size Baby Dolls
Meant to spark memories and create simple moments of joy for Elders with Alzheimer’s and dementia
Power Lift Chairs
Assists Elders changing positions standing and sitting
Red Zone
Are you ready for some football?!!!! Includes case, target, 4 footballs, scoreboard; indoor-outdoor use
Security Cameras
Improves Safety by observing entire Campus
Updated Kitchen
Convert dry storage area to walk in cooler, using current cooler as freezer, thus providing much needed storage and accessibility
Walkie Talkie
Used by ALL Care Partners to Effectively and Quietly Communicate to each other and respond to Elders’ needs
Warming/ Cooling TPump
Precise temperature controlled water circulates through leak- proof pad, treating muscle and joint pain, arthritis and edema
Wheelchair Transport Bike
Be the front runner as you feel the breezes along the bike path in tandem with an actual bike peddler along behind
Available at all 4 Main Entrances Providing Access for Campus Visitors
Wireless Internet Access
Will improve WIFI internet for all

Keeping busy with fun activities and outings is just a way of life here at the OES Home. Quilting, art show entries, drama club, movie night and tailgating events  are just a few of the many things that we enjoy offering our elders. Our Life Enrichment staff think way outside “the box” – we’ve sailed on a cruise (on campus) and participated in our own Olympics! With your help we keep the fun happening.

Our Christmas Fund is used ensure each elder on our campus receives a Christmas present that has been chosen and placed on their Christmas list by them.

Donations made to the Operating Fund help to offset operating costs necessary to keep making a difference in the lives of our residents.

The Benevolence Fund at The Ohio Eastern Star Home was established due to the need of residents whose financial resources are inadequate to carry them through retirement. Generous gifts from individual donors, organizations and foundations enable The Ohio Eastern  Star Home to continue supporting the greater community.