Christmas Meal

 In Enrichment

On December 20th we all came together with some family and friends  for a wonderful meal and entertainment. We didn’t offer Figgie pudding, but the menu was filled with some holiday favorites such as ham with pineapple sauce, salmon, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes casserole, green beans, waldorf salad and cupcake and cookies for dessert. The staff gave a surprise performance of bell playing and it sounded absolutely amazing for pulling in together in less than 4 practices. With the help of a wonderful teacher Mary Kepple and her volunteers what could go wrong! The fun wasn’t over until Santa arrived all the presents were passed put and we all took a nap!

A place set for Christmas dinner with a green napkin folded to look like a Christmas tree.

Friends and family around a square table set for the holidays.

Two boys posing for a picture with grandma and their mothers.

Folks going through an indoor dinner line with a Christmas tree in the background.

Four smiling ladies serving macaroni and cheese and green beans while dressed up for Christmas.

Harpist playing harp in a red dress with a hair clip beside a table filled with gift bags.

Four smiling women around a Christmas-themed dinner table.


Four women in reindeer antlers play handbells.