Centenarian Celebrations — Happy 101st Birthday, Marty James!

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February 17th, 2021 — What a day it was for Marty James, celebrating her 101st birthday and loving life here on our OES Home campus. 

Marty will be the first to tell she didn’t want to move from her home in Apple Valley. She loved that home and it was hard to leave. Upon her arrival here at OES Home, she would tell you she was less than happy, not too friendly, and even shed a few tears.

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Since then — now 3+ years later — Marty laughs about that memory and apologizes (completely unnecessarily) for what she considers her rudeness during that time of adjustment. Of course, no one here today can really even remember that side of Marty — she’s a true delight to spend time with and always has something fun going on in her apartment!

For the past 18 years, Marty’s Bible study group, all the friends and family that visit, and (until recently) her cat Missy have kept her company (sadly, Missy recently passed away). When we mentioned to Marty that her 101st birthday was approaching, she let out a laugh. “Well, I guess I made it to another one! I sure wish I could find some mischief to get into!” 

A centenarian woman smiling and holding a pink "Happy Birthday" balloon under a sign that says, "Happy 101st Birthday Marty."

Happy birthday to our lovely and incredible centenarian, Marty James!

“Well, I guess I made it to another one! I sure wish I could find some mischief to get into!”
— Marty James

Centenarian Celebrations!

She spent her special day going out to dinner with family at one of her favorite local restaurants and enjoyed several bouquets of flowers, a bunch of balloons, and plenty of birthday signs and wishes! As for Marty’s initial reservations about leaving her Apple Valley home, today she says, “I feel safe here.” and “Everyone is so nice and watches out for each other — I still can’t believe how I acted when I first moved here!” Her birthday picture (above) reflects the Marty we’ve been fortunate enough to get to know. We feel blessed that she decided to be part of the OESH family.

Happy 101st Birthday Marty, we wish you many more!!!!!!!!


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