The Best Assisted Living Facilities Are More Than A Fancy Room

 In Enrichment

When we opened OESH back in 1951, we started doing things a little differently. We believe that the best assisted living facilities do more than simply provide a nice campus and living quarters — they facilitate and build strong community bonds.

Since community and relationships are so important to the way we do things, we’ve been ever so carefully incorporating small trips back into our daily life on and off campus. To that end, we’ve definitely had a few fun adventures in and around the OESH assisted living home this summer in Ohio. And like always, we’re excited to to share them with you! 

Two women in masks hold a black goat as a senior with reading glasses pets it.

The best Ohio assisted living facilities make time for kid-ding around a bit. Because having fun together maaaaa-tters.

Animal Adventures!

It’s no secret how much our Care Partners and Elders love animals. Nothing has changed in that department, so we were SUPER excited to start figuring out animal visits and activities for the season. In fact, we even threw caution to the wind and jetted our Elders off to the plains of Africa a couple of weeks ago. Just kidding. Or… are we?

Rural King Pet Visit

Our pals over at the local Rural King were more than happy to gather up a bunch of furry animals and come visit our assisted living home earlier this summer. What a treat it was! We had baby chicks, baby ducks, and a few rabbits to boot! You can’t even imagine the smiles (luckily, you don’t have to!)

A sweet, laughing senior man carefully holds a baby duckling in his hands at an assisted living home in Ohio.

Official “Sweetest Picture of the Year Award” winner right here if you ask us.

An OESH… Safari?!?

Gorillas and tigers and cubs, oh my!!! Out along the the savannah grasses of one of the best assisted living facilities in the state, Elders and Care partners enjoyed the unique and beautiful wonders of a real-life safari! With trainers handling a variety of African animals, our Serengeti explorers also spotted a few familiar, domestic beasts — like one beautiful brown-spotted horse. The Elders actively engaged with many of the safer animals, some recalling fond memories of farm life.

With our safari hats, binoculars, and fearless grassland guide (see him below, pulling us in the tractor quite bravely), we came out safely with plenty of smiles and stories.

For us, our little trip into the wild was even better than the real thing!

A group of smiling elders are being pulled on a ride by a tractor past a young woman with a brown and white horse.

The best assisted living facilities go above and beyond 🙂

Live Music

An Elvis impersonator in a blue jumpsuit with a microphone and gold sunglasses performing at an Ohio assisted living facility in Mount Vernon.

This isn’t even the first time the King has graced us with that classic charisma (2019 OESH event photo)!

Our very first live entertainment since March of 2020 consisted of some very talented local musicians from Kenyon College (proximity to great music schools is a definite perk of assisted living in Ohio). We got to take in the elevated harmonies of a somewhat unusual and entirely awesome instrumental duo: one saxophone player and a piano player!   

When you think of the live performances you might expect to see at an Ohio assisted living facility, does Graceland’s most famous cultural icon come to mind? If not, that’s about to change right now — we recently had a wildly energetic performance by none other than The King of Rock and Roll himself: Elvis Presley! (Told you he didn’t really die in ’77!)

Gone Fishin’

As human beings, we all have the occasional need to rest and regroup for a little while. Even at one of the best assisted living facilities in Ohio (or so we’re told ;)), sometimes we just like to hit pause and get away from what’s familiar. Most recently, we took our Elders out fishing! These kind of lazy afternoons can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. Low key, relaxing, and yet for many of our Elders, these outings really… make a splash!!!

The Best Assisted Living Facilities Will Give You a Summer of Fun!

This is how we’ve started our summer out, but there is much, much more to come. From a beanbag toss competition to badminton; a morning with visiting kittens to an upcoming (and eagerly anticipated) “Dog Day Pawty,” there’s just no shortage of fun to be had on campus. Because again, the best assisted living facilities in the world create space and opportunity for experiencing the unique joys of our world alongside fun friends and a supportive community.

A smiling little girl leads a black pony with a lead rope.

Questions about the best assisted living facilities in Ohio? Give OESH a ring today!