6 Signs of a Great Senior Rehabilitation Center

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Physical therapy is a crucial part of recovery for people of any age, but physical therapy for seniors can be especially important. Ensuring that a senior guest meets or exceeds functional outcome measures can help them regain their mobility and autonomy, which is obviously a really big deal. This is why it matters so much that you know what to look for in a senior rehabilitation center. To help you find the best one possible, here are ten signs to look for. These will help you gauge the quality of care a senior rehabilitation center is capable of providing you or your loved one.

6 Signs of a Great Senior Rehab Center

High Functional Outcome Measures

A senior rehabilitation center must report their functional outcomes, and you’ll want to take a look at these numbers before choosing a facility. Functional outcome percentages are where the rubber meets the road for senior physical rehab. These numbers show the percentage of improvement in mobility and self-care that is achieved from initial evaluation to discharge.

The last reported national averages for functional outcome measures that our staff is aware of showed approximately 50% improvement for mobility and 30% improvement for self-care. But don’t undersell your recovery — many senior rehabilitation centers can provide far higher percentages yet. The Moreland-Hughes Rehabilitation Center reported a staggering 86.9% improvement for mobility, and a 39.9% improvement for self-care in 2021.  

It’s hard to argue with statistics at the end of the day, so be sure to check into the functional outcome measures of any facility you consider. These are the litmus test for whether or not guests actually return home more independent and improved.

Strict COVID Protocols

Enacting strict preventative measures to deal with the spread of COVID has become an extremely important part of senior physical therapy and senior care in general over the last couple of years.

When it comes to an elderly rehabilitation center in particular, it is crucial that the space is set up to efficiently control and isolate any individuals that test positive. Frequent testing and staff compliance are, of course, of the utmost importance as well. 

Comfortable Living

Another important factor in choosing your senior rehabilitation center should be the living quarters. Does the idea of spending time there feel tolerable? If you tour a facility, pay attention to the cleanliness of bathrooms, dining facilities, and the rehabilitation gym.

Your private suite inside the center should be warm and welcoming. It is the oasis you’ll need to relax in between therapy sessions. Ensure it has everything you need to feel comfortable and capable of giving your all to your therapy and exercises. A good bed, private bathroom, and easy-access shower will help you feel at home until you’ve completed your rehabilitation program.

A Top-of-the-Line Gym

A well-equipped rehab gym is one of the most important aspects of any center. It must empower staff and guests to address a wide range of physical impairments. This is because, as WebMD explains, elderly physical therapy can be incredibly helpful for far more ailments than we might at first imagine — struggles as varied as incontinence and dementia may be improved through physical therapy.

Access to top-of-the-line equipment is part of what allows a single rehab center to consistently deliver great results across such a wide range of issues. Equipment that lets guests approach exercises in a variety of ways may elevate the likelihood of great results. Tools like virtual interactive rehab and specialty programs that address cardiac issues, falls, and mind applications can be of tremendous value in a therapeutic setting. 

But the value of a great gym extends beyond the halls of its senior rehabilitation center. Which leads us to the next sign of senior rehab excellence…

A Clear Prep Strategy For Rehab At Home

An elderly woman in a lavender sweater practices functional laundry safety with a care staff member in the Moreland-Hughes senior rehabilitation center.

Training a guest to safely perform practical at-home tasks again, like doing her laundry.

Like we touched on above, physical therapy for seniors doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. For seniors with conditions that require continued work and monitoring, home training is an integral part of recovery. Functional outcome measures won’t mean much if an inpatient rehab center fails to provide these seniors with a clear strategy and training for home life.

Guests should be able to safely rehab with minimal concern when they complete their program and return home. Top-tier senior rehabilitation centers make this a reality by addressing practical activities they’ll be performing around the home. That’s why access to equipment beyond the more traditional therapeutic machines is so important. With specialty areas like fully functional kitchens, laundry rooms, and therapeutic tub-showers for practice, therapists can help seniors practice cooking and kitchen safety, laundry ability and safety, and the act of getting in and out of a shower and tub.

While much of a successful prep strategy for home rehab comes down to equipment access, even more relies on the training and professionalism of therapists and care staff.

An Integrated & Professional Teamdsc4219

There is a highly efficient ecosystem of care staff inside any high-functioning senior rehabilitation center. This combination of therapy, nursing, and social services professionals must communicate important care information and support each other just as they support the guests. From maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, nursing, admissions, assistance, social services, therapy, and on and on, every individual plays a vital role in giving guests a successful experience. One weak link in that chain can compromise it all.

That’s because rehab care is 24/7. In order for each guest to get the care they need, staff must stay on top of proper task distribution, documentation, and follow-through.

Too often you hear about a “nursing v.s. therapy” mentality. Similar to kitchen staff and servers at a restaurant, sometimes overlapping teams in the industry just don’t get along. Read online reviews to hear from folks who have completed their rehab at a facility you’re considering. Do inter-team difficulties seem to leak over into the guest experience? Fully integrated, mutually respecting teams are the best way to provide seamless and productive physical therapy for seniors; they are what ultimately give guests the continuity of care they deserve. 

Looking for a Senior Rehabilitation Center in Ohio?

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The Moreland-Hughes Rehabilitation Center is one of the best choices in the Midwest. Not only are its functional outcome measures well above national averages, but the rehab gym is one of the most functionally appointed therapy gyms you’ll ever set eyes on. Staff across the entire M-H Skilled Unit work together taking great pains to ensure total cleanliness and COVID-compliance. This fastidious compliance combined with our spaced-out campus floor plan has helped us to operate, mercifully, without big in-house virus spread thus far.

Give us a call for more information! Because it’s time you were back on your feet taking the world by storm. Our senior rehabilitation center exists to help you get healthy again, and the numbers don’t lie… our team is uniquely skilled at making that happen.

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