5 Big Perks of Care Partner Jobs

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Care partner jobs can take many forms, but one thing is clear: the field matters. Big time. From nursing care to food prep and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to plug in and make a difference. So, why should someone consider a care partner career or job? Here are five big reasons.

5 Reasons to Love Care Partner Jobs

Daily Fulfillment

If you’re over the mundanity of boring work and want to see the fruits of your labor, care partner jobs offer that in spades. There’s always some new challenge to tackle, resident to check up on, or certification to pursue. It may not always be what you expect, but working in an assisted living home will give you a chance to help a wide variety of people. Overall, it’s community-focused, fulfilling work with the added bonus that you’re basically guaranteed to always have a new story to share around the dinner table.

A woman with a care home job helping out an OESH resident.

Gotta get those nails just right!


Transferrable Skills

Some jobs require tasks that you’ll never do again off the clock. Not so in a senior care facility. While some aspects of assisted living jobs may be unique to the position, much is transferable. Building empathy, showing compassion, and taking care of others constitute a lifelong journey for us all — care partner workers just get paid for it!

Vast Career Opportunities

There’s no shortage of places that a care partner job can take you. Many people start out as care staff or working in the kitchen before going on to become chefs, nurse aids, certified nurse practitioners, or physicians. Keeping a good healthcare facility up and running definitely takes a village, so there are also a wide variety of administration and marketing opportunities to move into within the field.

Job Security

No matter what happens, there will always be a need for care partners. That makes care partner jobs, and moreover, a career in this field a pretty secure choice. In fact, the US Department of Health and Human Services showed that 7 out of 10 individuals will need long-term care in the course of their lives (Genworth). So, yeah… the need for care partners isn’t going anywhere.

A resident and helper at OESH.

No one visits the Ohio Eastern Star Home without making a new friend or two.

Strong Support

One study found that the job satisfaction of an American nursing home employee is linked to the health and satisfaction of the residents they serve. The study concluded that “A supportive work environment may help increase quality of care in the nation’s nursing homes.”

Not all homes cultivate genuine relationships between care staff and residents, but many make this a focus. At OESH, our nursing staff care employees, and residents spend a whole lot of time goofing off, competing in contests, and even going on safaris when the mood suits us…

Final Thoughts

Care parnter jobs are nothing if not an adventure. There are ups and downs, as with any job. Sometimes you’ll get frustrated. Sometimes you’ll run into obstacles. But through it all, assisted living jobs offer fulfillment, community, and support from a body of professionals, families, and residents alike. The field is full of opportunity and job security with a wide variety of routes for ambitious people to explore.

Want to Learn More About Care Partner Jobs or Apply?

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