12 Pros & Cons of Home Nursing

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Approximately 60% of people will require assistance with performing daily activities at some point in their lives, according to the Administration for Community Living. That’s no small amount! Indeed, determining the proper level of care for a senior when they need it can make life a lot easier on them, so how do you choose between care options? Are residential care facilities worth the added cost? Do good options exist for nursing care at home? Here are a few pros and cons of home health nursing to help you determine if foregoing assisted living in favor of at-home care makes sense in your situation.

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Is Home Nursing Care a Good Option? 12 Pros and Cons of Home Health Nursing

We discussed some pros and cons of being a caregiver for a family member previously. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of hiring a service that provides seniors with nursing care at home. Every senior is different; some are totally fine with minimal care and medical oversight. Others require more attention and assistance. Many who begin with at-home care will make the transition to assisted living at some point down the road.

Pros of Home Health Nursing

For some folks, home nursing may be a temporary solution that delays the move to a proper residential care home. A home nursing service might be desirable for reasons that include the following:

  1. Convenience
    • Hiring a home nursing service can be more convenient in a few ways. Your loved one may prefer staying in their current home over moving into an entirely new space.
  2. Upfront Cost
    • Residential care homes are typically more expensive than home nursing services. However, this can vary depending on the quality and amount of in-home attention a senior requires.
  3. Minimally Intrusive
    • On top of the relocation process itself, adapting to a new environment with new healthcare and wellness routines may feel a bit overwhelming to some at first. It’s not unusual for this to take a short adjustment period.
  4. Stability of Care
    • A home care nursing agency has a turnover rate of approximately 64% (Home Health Care News), but residential campuses are not immune to high turnover either. This can cause seniors to feel a bit unmoored. It’s why choosing a facility that emphasizes person-centered senior living can make such a difference.
  5. Less Commitment
    • Residential care home leases are often similar to apartment leases in terms of commitment and duration. At-home care, on the other hand, is typically less of a long-term commitment since more than 90% of agencies charge by the hour (A Place For Mom).


Cons of Home Health Nursing

  1. Structure
    • Home health nursing may not always encourage the kind of structure that helps certain seniors thrive. While residential care facilities follow day-to-day schedules, a nurse who visits the home may not be able to provide this in the same way. A care facility like OESH gives seniors the opportunity to participate in the activities and entertainment our Life Enrichment team plan out daily.img 8274 scaled
  2. Physical Therapy Equipment
    • Home care nursing can also fall short when it comes to accessing necessary equipment. In particular, at-home physical therapy will be harder pressed to provide seniors with the kind of cutting edge technology of a full-fledged short-term rehabilitation center.
  3. Physical Safety & Accessibility
    • Residential care may be pricier than home care at first glance. However, it’s important to factor in the cost of fitting a senior’s home with any equipment and additional accommodations that may be needed. Things like ramps and chair lifts for stairs may represent a significant investment in equipment; an investment which a full-fledged campus will already have in place.
  4. Isolation
    • Making friends and building community is a big perk of the best assisted living communities. For many older adults, the social aspect is difficult to overestimate. It’s also worth noting for married couples afraid of separation that plenty of assisted living communities allow couples to stay together — even those who may require different care from each other. A large facility is more equipped to handle this than a home nursing service (Aging Care).
  5. No Access to Emergency Care
    • Accessing emergency care is a big deal for many elderly Americans, which is understandable. Falling is the top cause of death among those 65 and older (CDC). The constant presence of trained staff throughout the days and nights should help put families and their loved ones at ease about emergency accidents and developments after a shift to assisted living.
  6. No Trips and Activities
    • As we mentioned above, the Life Enrichment team here at OESH are always working on new and exciting senior activities. This can be a life-changing part of joining a dedicated senior care community.
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      Good luck matching this energy through a home nursing service 😉

  7. Property Protection
    • Sadly, the elderly are a common target for crime. Residential care homes help to shelter seniors from the perils of property theft and other crime, whereas a home care service is unlikely to be able to provide much in this area.

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Learn More About Home Care Nursing & Other Senior Care

In this process of exploring some pros and cons of home health nursing care, we’ve considered senior safety, access to equipment, social access, cost scenarios, and more. For many, providing a high enough level of care is just too daunting of a prospect. That’s why OESH is here.With skilled nursing staff, a wide variety of senior care options including the newly opened Pine Hill condominiums and apartments, and a sprawling campus, our team is ready for the every need of our Ohio seniors. Explore more resources or contact the Ohio Eastern Star Home today to speak with a representative.