What is Jintronix

Jintronix is the only FDA cleared motion capture system designed for rehabilitation. Leveraging Microsoft's Kinect sensor, Jintronix captures the 3-D position of 25 joints on the human body 30 time a second, without the need to wear sensors on the body, allowing the system to turn prescribed exercises into a fun by using interactive video style game. Jintronix is completely hands free. While rehab patients are playing their way through therapy, the system automatically tracks a broad range of performance date allowing our therapists to build more personalized therapy plan which caters to the patient's specific rehabilitation needs.
The Ohio Eastern Star Home the first facility in Ohio to be using Jintronix
Being researched at over 15 Universities around the world (from UW Medicine in Seattle WA to University of Tasmania in Australia)
Created with support from Microsoft in Redmond, WA



"Normally we think of technology like ours would first appear in larger cities like Cleveland or Cincinnati Ohio. The Ohio Easter Star Home in Mount Vernon showed an awesome level of excitement and innovation to be the first facility in the State of Ohio to adopt this state-of-the art system like Jintronix. Since deployment, we have already installed the system in more than 6 other facilities around the state but there can only be 1 first mover and that honor goes to The Ohio Eastern Star Home."

"It's awesome to see how the technology has evolved from prototype in the labs at Microsoft to being used across the United States. With over 50 facilities using Jintronix on a regular basis and growing, it's clear that physical and occupational therapy is ready and excited for new innovatives that improve the quality of care."

-David Schacter, COO of Jintronix


The Life Enrichment Department offers a variety of group and individual activities to meet your social, religious, recreational, physical, creative, and emotional needs. Activities on campus include, Monthly Themed Party, Prom, ice cream social, pet therapy, daily exercise, crafts, volleyball, birthday and anniversary parties, visits from Knox County Public Library and many more. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for activities. You may contact our activities department for further details.

Meals & Dining

Our culinary team provides daily menus and alternative selections upon your request. Snacks are also available. We encourage you to dine in the neighborhood dining room. Mealtimes can be an enjoyable social part of your day. It is our pleasure to assist you ff you prefer to dine in your own room. Your guest may dine for a nominal charge.


It is suggested you keep only a small amount of money in your room for immediate needs. The accounting office can arrange a personal fund for you which can be drawn upon at the regular office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Any personal mail, subscriptions, packages and deliveries are delivered directly to your room. Our address is:

The Ohio Eastern Star Health Care Center
1451 Gambier Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050


Personal laundry is routinely picked up on scheduled days. To insure fast service, each item should be marked with your first initial and last name. You may choose to have your laundry completed by a family member or friend off-campus.

Leave of Absence

Please notify the Social Service Director and the Nursing Supervisor so we can help you prepare for your time away.


The Ohio Eastern Star is a tobacco free campus.

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Mission Statement

The campus of The Ohio Eastern Star Home is dedicated to leading the way into the future while providing the highest quality of services and enriching the lives of all we serve. Our innovation and adaptability support our environment for growth and promotes our commitment to being an industry leader.