Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns The Ohio Eastern Star Home?

The Ohio Eastern Star Home is owned by the members of the Ohio Order of the Eastern Star. Leadership and administrative oversight is provided by a board of trustees which is elected by the members.

Is the project necessary?

Yes. The Ohio Eastern Star Home must provide skilled nursing rooms that are competitive when compared to other skilled nursing rooms. The current skilled nursing rooms create a negative impression on potential residents and their families and do not reflect the quality of care provided nor do they convey a desirable image of the Ohio Order of the Eastern Star.

How will this project improve the lives of The Ohio Eastern Star Home residents?

The residents of the skilled care units will move from dreary, institutionalized and isolated rooms to welcoming rooms in friendly neighborhood settings. All residents will benefit from having a private room, including a bathroom with a shower, as well as the fellowship of shared meals in the neighborhood dining room.

Will the construction impact current residents?

No, the construction of the four healthcare neighborhoods will not impact current residents. Residents of Skilled Nursing Units 1 and 2 will remain in their rooms until the new rooms are completed.

How was the $4.5 million capital campaign goal determined?

The Board of Trustees exercised due diligence and had a fundraising feasibility study completed. This study indicated that $4.5 million was a realistic and attainable goal.

What will happen if the capital campaign goal of $4.5 million is not met?

The campus master plan will have to be modified which could impact the sustainability of The Ohio Eastern Star Home.

Will this project increase the capacity of, or number of residents at, The Ohio Eastern Star Home?

No, the State of Ohio licensed The Ohio Eastern Star Home for a fixed number of beds. The new healthcare neighborhoods will replace Skilled Nursing Units 1 and 2. Therefore, the total number of beds will remain the same.

Would it be less expensive to renovate the existing units as opposed to building new?

The building structure of the current skilled nursing units makes renovation unfeasibile. Furthermore, a renovation would force the displacement of numerous residents, negatively impacting financial operations.

Will any of the healthcare neighborhoods be designated for memory care?

Yes, one of the healthcare neighborhoods will be designated for residents needing memory care. However, we expect many of our residents in the other three healthcare neighborhoods to have some level of memory loss.

How can I make a donation?

Donations may be made in cash, or with a check or credit card. Pledges may be made for donations to be payable over 3 years. Gifts of stock, property, life insurance, etc. will also be gratefully accepted.

Can I donate online?

Absolutely! You may use a credit card to make a donation on The Ohio Eastern Star Home website.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, a donation to The Ohio Eastern Star Home Capital Campaign is tax-deductible.

To whom do I write a check?

Checks should be made out to the "OESH Capital Campaign"


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